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Back Pain Can Come in Many Forms From Many Causes

There’s many people who struggle with pain in their back. Back pain can be especially troublesome because it limits mobility.

Most humans are more unsettled if they can’t reach an area that is troubling them with their hands. Much of the back can’t be touched or rubbed by your own hands and it can cause issues. 

The back can be harmed or injured in a number of different ways and forms. Treatment can be very different depending on what is causing the back pain. Acute back pain will last six weeks or less. Chronic back pain can last for more than three months at a time. What follows are some of the most common forms and causes of back pain.

1 - Strains

Contrary to some belief, back strains can be more than just the muscles of the back. Ligaments in the back and spine can also become strained with improper use. Strains in the back tend to occur due to heavy lifting in an improper fashion. People should always use proper technique lifting to avoid the chance of strains. Sudden jerking movements can also cause a problem with a strain. People who are in bad shape are more susceptible to strains and repeated strains may lead to back spasms. For most light strains, some pain relief and heat is the most common treatment. It’s important to note that bed rest is not the way to go due to the prone position. It can put more stress on the area. 

2 - Arthritis 

Arthritis affects joints within the body. In the most common form of arthritis, the cartilage that protects bones from each other can wear away. Arthritis in the back is more likely going to occur in the lower back and the spine. Sometimes arthritis can lead to spinal stenosis. This is a condition where the space around the spine is narrowed and can cause additional pain. 

3 - Disk Problems

The spine is made up of the vertebrae bones and the disks that fit between them. It’s these disks which cushion the vertebrate as they move. Sometimes, a disk can bulge out of their proper place or become ruptured. This causes them to press on nerves that they wouldn’t otherwise be near and send impulses of pain up to the brain. 

4 - Osteoporosis

People who suffer from osteoporosis will find that their bones become porous. As it further develops, the inside of the bone develops many holes and tunnels that resemble sponge toffee. This is especially troubling to the spine area. It’s very easy for these weakened bones to fracture due to the stress that the spine is under. People with osteoporosis need to be very careful to ensure their brittle bones don’t 

5 - Lifestyle Causes

There’s many things that people do in their day to day life that can lead to back pain. Bad posture is a very real issue and can cause back pain in many people. Bad posture causes the spine to be out of proper shape and potentially lead to one of numerous injuries. Exercise is important Some people push far too hard with their workout routines and over stress the back, leading to pain. This is especially true for people who go from inactive to very active quickly. Weekend only exercisers should beware and always try to ensure they stretch out correctly to try to minimize the chances of back pain from their activities. People who carry heavy bags with them consistently can cause pain to their back. This can be a backpack, purse, tote or any over the shoulder bag. Carrying one all day can cause a person to adjust their standing position to one with terrible posture and cause damage to muscles, ligaments and bones.