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Men's Fashion is Important in Fitness Wear and Beyond

For many men, looking good helps them feel good as well! Men’s fashion can be found in a wide variety of different men’s looks and styles. Fitness attire is one end of the spectrum. It’s intended to be completely utilitarian first. From there, style can be added to functional pieces of clothing. At the other end of the men’s fashion spectrum is formal wear. Formal wear looks great, but lacks much of the function one might want from their clothing. In between are a variety of incredible looks. Men have stepped up their overall fashion game and take a lot more pride in their appearance now. Whether it’s playing a quick 18 holes or hitting up a whiskey bar after work, men’s fashion is appropriate for every situation. 

1 - Fitness Attire

Men’s fitness attire has continued to evolve and has become more fashionable than it has in the past. Men also have more options in fitness attire than they used to. The only options used to be a pair of shorts with a cotton t-shirt. While shorts are still a staple of fitness and exercise attire, the cotton t-shirt has certainly been replaced. Modern fitness attire tends to be made of nylon, spandex and polyester. These materials work better at wicking away moisture from the body. When it comes to style, fitness attire tends towards bold single colors. Many of the materials best for exercise and fitness don’t take well to dyes. This makes single color options the way to go. 

2 - Golf Wear

Golfing is a place where you can truly discover a man’s style. Traditional golf clothing is often somehow both incredibly conservative and very over the top. Weird color clashes and large plaid pants were the norm. Modern attire is often much more fashionable. Shirts are typically collared, though they often retain sweat wicking ability. Pants are still required at most golf clubs, but simple pleated trousers work, and tend to be more slim fit than ever before. A nod to golf fashion of the past can be managed with a knit polo shirt showing off some plaid. 

3 - Business Wear

Business fashion or business casual is an ever evolving look. Business casual was most often represented by a pair of khakis and some kind of collared shirt. While dress shirts are common, there are far more options in terms of collars and styles. Pants have moved from just being colored khakis to proper trousers. Many feature check patterns or stripes for a great look. Sweaters with stiff collars are also incredibly popular. It’s a look that Steve Jobs often used and is a hallmark of a Mr. Jeff Goldblum as well. The turtleneck look can be taken to another level by getting one made of cashmere for some extra style and luxury. 

4 - Formal Wear

Men’s formal wear is the most fashionable of all the types of clothing that men may choose to wear. Men’s formal wear peaks when the tuxedo. This classic suit is best made of pure black, with a white shirt and white accents. The black and white look has remained relatively unchanged for decades and looks incredible. In addition to black tie events, a full suit and tie are used for many formal occasions. Gone are oversized large suits and chunky ties. Modern suits are tailored to fit well and show off the natural style of the wearer.