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Has Fitness Clothing's Style Infiltrated Other Women's Styles of Dress

When one aspect of fashion comes to the forefront, it’s common for it to actually influence other style groups. This kind of infiltration of fashion can result in entirely new styles and types of clothing. The explosion of fitness wear has done just that. Fitness wear is no longer just something needed during a workout. Fitness wear has become a true statement. 

Fitness wear tends to show off very bright colors. Neon colors are common. This has drifted into fashion trends recently with more neon being seen in a wide variety of looks on the runway and throughout boutiques across the globe. The idea behind fitness wear and the comfort it can provide has also made for an entire line of leisurely fitness wear that’s being worn throughout the home and sometimes even to the office. 

What is Fitness Wear

Women’s fitness wear is designed around specific needs when working out. Fitness wear needs to be incredibly flexible to allow for a full range of movement when trying out various exercises or using different equipment. Fitness wear also needs to help keep a woman feeling dry due to sweat. This is accomplished by using moisture wicking fabrics which will take sweat and move it off of the skin. Once it moves through the fabric to the exterior, it will evaporate into the air. Airflow is also important. Fitness wear often features vented aspects to it which help air move through and cool the skin as it’s sweating. 

Several items make up fitness wear. Arguably the most popular at the moment are yoga pants/leggings. These incredibly comfortable and form fitting leggings fit like a glove and provide the perfect temperature control. They cool when the body is hot and warm it when the body is cold. It’s a difficult line to walk, but they pull it off. 

Fitness Fashion’s Effect on The Industry

Exercise is important for the body and health. However, exercise wear has become an incredible fashion style all on its own. It’s created an entirely new section of clothing. The athleisure style can be used for exercise, but it’s also perfect for changing into after a long day at the office or really any job. It’s comfortable and lacks pretension. 

In addition, many of the fashion staples have seen alterations based on the popularity of athleisure wear. A skirt is far more likely to feature form fitting shorts beneath for modesty and comfort, just as athletic skirts do. The impact of yoga pants has spread throughout the industry as well, with many sets of leggings being designed for more than just yoga or workouts. 

Formal Wear Remains Resistant

If there’s one area where fitness clothing hasn’t quite had the impact, it’s with women’s formal wear. Women’s formal wear will likely always be the domain of impressive dresses. If there’s an obvious introduction to formal wear for women, it’s the prom. While more clothing choices have been made, the dress can’t be beat. 

Formal wear isn’t just extravagant dresses however. While those are fantastic for weddings or galas, there’s a range of other events that require muted formal wear. Funerals, state dinners, and holiday get togethers will often require a more calm and muted sense of formal dress. Formal dress gets divided into morning and evening dress. Evening dress is generally known as “black tie” and features the most impressive dresses to go along with men in tuxedos.