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Get the Benefits of Better Sleep With the Right Mattress

Sleep is a crucial aspect of health. There’s a reason the body requires a large amount of sleep.

Sleep is when the body replenishes itself. Sleep is a chance to eschew the responsibilities and stresses of the world. Sleep allows the body to rest and to heal. 

One of the most important aspects of sleeping is having a proper mattress. A good mattress can allow a person to actually sleep less, but still feel more rested! Modern mattresses have adopted a lot of technology as well. Mattresses are intended to work for multiple sleepers without disturbing them. No more terrible linked springs or hay stuffed into fabric. Take this opportunity to learn more about mattresses and what they can do to improve your sleep by obtaining a good one. 

Benefits of Sleeping Well

There’s a wide variety of health benefits to getting a good night's sleep. What follows are some of the main benefits that people may see if they are sleeping better each night. Some benefits include: 

  • Mental Health Boost - Insufficient sleep can play a serious role in depression. A good night’s sleep isn’t the only thing required to combat depression, but it helps! 
  • Improved Heart Health - Lack of sleep can sometimes force higher cholesterol and blood pressure, which are serious risk factors for a heart attack. 
  • Stress Reduction - Going without sleep will create stress or exacerbate other forms of stress. A good night’s sleep can assist in reducing blood pressure and help balance the body’s hormones. 
  • Memory Improvement - It’s been shown in studies that while asleep the brain is still working and procession connections and devoting things to memory. A good night’s sleep can help improve memory and recall. 

Mattress Information

The first thing to consider with mattresses is the size. There are four main sizes. The smallest is Twin (also referred to as single), though there’s also a Twin XL which features extra length. The next size is “Full” though it’s sometimes also referred to as a “double”. This also has an XL option which is an additional 5 inches of length. Queen and King are the most popular size mattresses for adults. Queen size runs 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. King size has the same length, but is 76 inches wide! There’s also an alternative size known as the California King. This is 72 inches wide, but the longest at 84 inches long. 

There’s three many compositions for mattresses currently. The first is springs or coils. These have been one of the main mattress compositions for a long period of time. They can provide excellent firmness. Foam and memory foam is the second main type. These mattresses continue to grow in popularity. The third type of mattress is a hybrid. It may contain a smaller set of coils that is in turn topped by a memory foam portion. Mattresses can range from extra soft to extra firm. Extra firm is often better for the back and posture, but is not as comfortable. Typically, the heavier the person, the firmer a mattress they require. 

Popular Mattresses

There are mattresses which excel at different aspects of sleeping. Some work well for people who sleep hot and need to cool at night. Some work better for side sleepers. Some of the best mattresses include:

  • Leesa Hybrid Mattress - This is one of the best mattresses on the market. There are variants available for almost any type of sleeper including obese or warm sleepers. 
  • Casper Mattress - This is one of the most popular mattresses and can be purchased directly online. It’s an entirely foam mattress, but still maintains very solid stiffness. 
  • Tempur-Pedic PRObreeze Mattress - This mattress specifically is designed to allow excellent airflow through the mattress and keep people cool at night. It’s more expensive than others on this list however. 
  • Saatva Classic Mattress - This mattress has a really large pillow topper and is good for people who have chronic back pain. 
  • Plank Mattress - This mattress is specific to people looking for an ultra-firm mattress. Heavier people who sleep on their back or stomach will love it. It’s a specialist mattress, but excellent at what it’s meant to do.