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Bathroom Renovations Can Remove Potential Injury Concerns

It’s widely known that most injuries to people in the household happen in the bathroom.

There’s a wide variety of things that can happen, but slip and fall accidents are some of the most common ones that can occur. However, there’s ways to avoid the troubles of injury in a bathroom. 

Many times, bathroom renovations are a way to help fix problems in a bathroom. Bathroom renovations can make the bathroom safer. Plus, once you’re in there making a bathroom safer through a renovation, why not make it look great as well? A beautiful bathroom is something that almost everyone wants for their home. Getting a home reno completed doesn’t need to be difficult. 

Renovations to Improve Health and Safety

Whether you need a contractor or are handy yourself, there are plenty of things that can be installed into the bathroom to try to make it much safer. These tend to assist with balance and to avoid slipping and falling. 

Rails are common. Rails can be installed in showers to assist people in case of a slip. Rails in bathtubs can assist people in getting down or standing up if they prefer a bath to a shower. Rails are often also common around the toilet. Toilet frames work well as a safety rail. 

Installing a bath with a door can help reduce the chances of falling. The door reduces the step height into a bathtub, making it easier to access. Another option is to install a shower seat. This allows sitting at a comfortable height and reduces the chances of a fall. 

Beautiful Home Renovation Choices

If you are going to renovate your bathroom, plan your bathroom layout first. There’s a number of different layouts that are options. While some people just go for the basic items like a sink, toilet and bathtub, other bathrooms get more creative. If you’re looking to take advantage of a little extra space, a dedicated shower or bidet are options.

One thing about decorating your bathroom is to keep the theme consistent. There’s nothing wrong with choosing contrasting design trends in a home. However, when it comes to the bathroom, you usually want to choose something which is fairly consistent. Otherwise it can become distracting. If the bathroom is located off of the master bedroom, it should be neutral in style, or match that of the bedroom. 

Finding a Contractor

If you’re not able to perform bathroom renovations yourself (and they can be hard) then you want to find a contractor. There are seemingly an uncountable number of stories about disasters when hiring the wrong contractors. 

When hiring a contractor, there’s no need to hire the first person who takes a look at the project. Get quotes and references for each contractor for the job. From there, actually use the references. Also feel free to make use of online sources. There’s plenty of websites online which allow people to actually rate and review contractors. 

Speaking of online sources, don’t forget your friends and family on social media. Word of mouth is more powerful than ever now thanks to the ability to easily ask your entire social circle about their experiences. Odds are at least one person you know has had a renovation done with a good contractor in your area. Don’t be afraid to ask.