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Many People Swear By These Weight Loss Diets

The concept of losing weight through a diet has certainly always been popular. There’s two kinds of diets. The first is a general diet with an attempt to simply eat in a healthier fashion and cut out more junk food. The second is a diet that takes advantage of specific aspects of nutrition. Some may be low in fat. Others could attempt to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in a person’s diet. Not every diet works for everyone. Many diets can actually be detrimental when they are picked up by the wrong person. Before considering a weight loss diet, it’s a great idea to speak to a doctor and a nutritionist. They can help you know exactly what you can try and what you need to avoid. There are many diets intended to help people lose weight. Which one is right for you? These are some of the most popular ones out there today. 

1 - The Paleo Diet

This is a diet that is simple in essence and tricky to pull off in reality. The paleo diet delves into history to try to find the right nutrition for a person. Paleo diet is entirely aimed around food which was found before mankind began agriculture. In many cases, paleo diet has shown a lot of great weight loss results and many people find they are eating more protein, less carbs and less calories each day. The paleo diet mostly consists of lean protein, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. Items like processed foods, sugar and dairy are all cut out! 

2 - Low-Carb Diets

There’s a number of different diets that aim to set low carbohydrate targets. Normally the body uses carbs for energy. Low carb diets can force the body to instead use the excess and stored fat in the body rather than the extra carbs. When a body has excess carbs and sugar, it can turn them to extra fat as well, making weight loss less likely. Low carb diets range from 25 to 180 grams of carbs per day. People that are diabetic tend towards low carb diets, but need to be very careful that they aren’t taking in too few carbs. 

3 - Atkins Diet

Atkins is arguably the most well known of the low-carb diets. Atkins is all about eating high levels of protein and high levels of fat as long as there’s no carbs involved. The theory is that this brings calories down without having to worry about it. Atkins actually has multiple stages. The initial stage has the highest reduction in carbs down to almost nothing for two weeks. From there, the following stages slowly increase and reintroduce carbs. 

4 - The Zone Diet

This is a much trickier diet that requires perfect balance in each meal. Carbs can make up between 35% and 45% of the calories each day. However, these carbs have to be very low on the GI (glycemic index). These are foods that don’t raise blood sugar levels very high. A typical meal will make up ⅓ protein with the other ⅔ being fruit, vegetables. There should always be a small serving of healthy fats like almonds or avocado as well. 

5 - Vegan Diets

Veganism is a diet that can be very effective for weight loss with many people. In many cases there’s no need to count calories due to the high levels of vegetables in a vegan diet. Vegan diets eliminate any animal products from the diet. This includes dairy, eggs and other items which come from animals in some way. Veganism can be a difficult diet for some people. Getting enough protein on a vegan diet can sometimes be difficult. The same can be said of iron and several other vitamins and nutrients.