main of Many People Swear By The Restorative Power of the Colon Cleanse

Many People Swear By The Restorative Power of the Colon Cleanse

There are many people who believe in the restorative powers of the colon cleanse.

This treatment has actually been around for thousands of years in one form or another. The concept of a colon cleanse is fairly simple to follow. Waste material can build up in the colon in time. The goal is to cleanse out this waste material and not allow any toxins within the waste to spread throughout the body. Modern colon cleanses are performed by colonic hygienists. These technicians try to make the process as simple and efficient as possible. The goal of a colon cleanse is the help the person feel better afterwards of course. There are several benefits and risks to getting a colon cleanse. It should be pointed out that not all of the benefits are medically proven. This means that the colon cleanse choice needs to be a personal one, but you should always check with your doctor. 

What exactly is a Colon Cleanse?

The concept of a colon cleanse has been mentioned in brief. But how are they performed? The term is also known as colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy. Those names should give a hint as to how the procedure is performed. The colon is flushed through the application of a large amount of water. Typically somewhere around 60 liters of water will be inserted through the rectum. This water then puts some pressure on the waste buildup, which is then taken away through a separate tube. Typically a colon cleanse will feature multiple repetitions of the cleansing water. 

Some people choose to try to do a colon cleanse at home in their own ways. The same water treatment can be performed with regular or saltwater. There’s also other methods to try to provide the same benefits. This could include an incredibly high fiber diet for a period of time to improve colon health. Juices and smoothies are often used to create a colon cleanse. Teas or adding probiotics to the diet can do this as well. Doctors can help find an edible colon cleanse. 

Why Try a Colon Cleanse?

The people who believe in trying out a colon cleanse swear by the benefits. The first benefit is that people improve their digestive health. The clean colon helps process nutrients better than it would otherwise. Some people state that they have increased energy and think better. Still others have said colon cleanses help them lose weight. 

There was actually a small scientific study that examined the effects of a colon cleanse on those with irritable bowel syndrome that did show some improvement. It’s important to note that colon cleanses shouldn’t be something that’s done consistently. They should be occasional. 

Are There Risks?

In addition to the benefits of colon cleansing, there are quite a few risks as well. The cleansing process removes waste, but it can also remove a large amount of fluid from the body as well. This can lead to dehydration which needs to be fixed. 

It’s also possible that the cleanse can open up places for bacteria to move from the lower intestine into the colon. Some of these are unhealthy bacteria which can cause an infection since the healthy bacteria has been lost during the cleanse. The electrolytes in the body can also be thrown into imbalance. 

The most dangerous potential complication would be a perforation of the bowel. This is when the intestine tears. It’s a dangerous medical emergency that needs treatment quickly. 

Due to the risks in a colon cleanse, there needs to be control over the process. Speak with your doctor first, as some people are at a much higher risk. Then make sure that you choose a technician or service which is professional and of high quality. If you need to pay a little extra for a better service, it’s probably worth it.